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How to Marry a Millionaire (U)

In the first Hollywood comedy to be shot on CinemaScope, three women must decide whether a life of luxury is more important than finding true love.

Schatze Page, Loco Dempsey and Pola Debevoise (Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe) are three models of modest means who pool their talents and resources in order to pose as women of wealth in an expensive penthouse apartment and ensnare eligible millionaires. The trouble is that it’s not so easy to tell the rich men from the schmucks—and even then, is a life of luxury more important than finding true love?

This hugely popular 1953 hit was the first comedy to be shot in CinemaScope and the second film ever to use the format (after the biblical epic The Robe, released earlier the same year). The film uses the format well, particularly in the panoramic shots of Manhattan, showcasing the new technology wonderfully.

The stars sparkle in this old-Hollywood era romantic comedy, with fantastic central characters, a rousing score and sumptuous visuals painted across the wide screen for the first time!

  • DIRECTOR: Jean Negulesco
  • CAST: Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall, William Powell, David Wayne, Rory Calhoun, Cameron Mitchell


How to Marry a Millionaire is part of Widescreen Weekend Rediscoveries, monthly one-off screenings to help you to rediscover the magic of the big screen and continue the celebration of our film festival year-round.

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