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Science and Media Museum


There's cinema, then there's IMAX. Seeing a film on our 60ft-tall screen—the biggest in the region—is a truly immersive experience. Watch the latest blockbusters, or catch a 45-minute documentary, exploring our world and beyond in stunning 3D.

Screen facts

Our IMAX screen has an illustrious history. In 1983, it was the first IMAX to be opened in Europe; it's still the biggest screen in the region, and is one of Bradford’s major attractions. With state-of-the-art digital projection and a plush premium seating area, IMAX is the ultimate way to experience the movies.

  • The first IMAX film screened at the Museum was To Fly!; it was shown exclusively for 15 months.
  • The IMAX screen is perforated with thousands of tiny holes, as the speakers are positioned behind it, and is so big it had to be lowered in through the roof.
  • An IMAX 3D film is actually two films being projected in perfect synchronisation—one for each eye.