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Pictureville Cinema

Described by Lord Puttnam as ‘the best cinema in the world’, Pictureville is one of a kind. Relax in the beautiful auditorium and enjoy everything from the latest big releases to lost classics on Pictureville’s deeply curved screen.

Changes to membership

If you are visiting this page, you’re probably a cinemagoer here at the National Science and Media Museum. In 2019 we will be making some changes behind the scenes, but don’t worry—it will continue to be business as usual in our three cinemas. If you are a Picturehouse member you will enjoy the full duration of your current membership, and if it expires while the changes are taking place, an interim scheme will be available offering exactly the same attractive package. You can find more information on the Picturehouse website.

About the cinema

The beautiful Pictureville Cinema is equipped with the latest 4K digital projection system and fabulous 7.1 surround sound, as well as its deeply curved, louvred screen—all in the heart of Bradford, UNESCO City of Film.

  • Pictureville was converted from Bradford’s Library Theatre into the current 306-seat cinema in 1992.
  • Pictureville is one of only three public venues in the world that can still show 3-strip Cinerama.
  • Many famous faces have appeared on the Pictureville stage, including Ray Winstone, Michael Palin, Alan Bennett and Barbara Windsor.



In 1952, Cinerama was launched as the ultimate in immersive cinema. It uses synchronised 35mm projectors to project three images simultaneously, producing an ultra-wide picture. A 146° curved screen, like the one in Pictureville, is required to achieve this triptych effect.

Today, just three venues in the world have the ability to screen Cinerama to the public, and Pictureville is the only one of these located outside the USA.

We hold screenings of Cinerama films throughout the year—check the Picturehouse at National Science and Media Museum listings for the latest updates. Cinerama films are also shown as part of Widescreen Weekend, our yearly film festival.

Read more about the history of Cinerama in Bradford