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Queen of Glory (15)

Scientist Sarah is all set to abandon education for adventure, when an unexpected tragedy leaves her the sole owner of a small bookshop in the Bronx.

Queen of Glory is the story of Sarah Obeng, the brilliant child of Ghanaian immigrants, who is quitting her Ivy League PhD program to follow her married lover to Ohio. When her mother dies suddenly, she bequeaths her daughter a Christian bookstore in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx where Sarah was raised. 

A follow-up on the classic immigrant’s tale from debut director Nana Mensah, Queen of Glory is the story of a heroine coping with death, betrayal and cultural expectations, and has heart and empathy in spades.

Part of Acts of Rebellion, a season of films celebrating the rule breakers and changemakers who challenge the norm and fight to make society a better place. 

  • DIRECTOR: Nana Mensah
  • CAST: Nana Mensah, Madeline Weinstein, Meeko 
  • LANGUAGE: English


All screenings of Queen of Glory will be preceded by the short film Spin Cycle, curated by archive activists Invisible Women.

Spin Cycle

  • DIRECTOR: Aarin Burch
  • DURATION: 5 mins

In this witty and self-deprecating self portrait, a young filmmaker reflects dryly on love, heartbreak and creative block as she struggles to complete a graduation film. Shot on beautifully grainy 16mm, Spin Cycle is a wry and relatable depiction of the stuttering journey to self discovery.

Aarin Burch’s sardonic autobiographical filmmaking shares much DNA with Nana Mensah’s Queen of Glory, which offers a similarly subversive take on the coming of age genre

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