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Cinerama Holiday (U)

Experience the spectacle of Cinerama on Pictureville’s fantastic curved screen in this stunning showcase of 1950s film technology!

Young American couple John and Betty Marsh set out on a European sightseeing tour, trading places with Swiss pair Fred and Beatrice Troller on their journey across the States. Guided by the principles of 1952’s This is Cinerama, the film features a slideshow of thrilling point-of-view sequences and spectacular landscapes, as well as quaint vignettes depicting the glamour of 50s leisure and tourism.

The second of the original 3-panel Cinerama travelogues, Cinerama Holiday premiered in 1955 and became the highest grossing film of that year in the USA, narrowly beating Oklahoma!  It’s a fantastic way to experience cinema history and a brilliant introduction to the wonders of widescreen.

This screening will include a 15-minute intermission.


This screening will be introduced by Dave Strohmaier, Cinerama Restorationist at Cinerama Inc., via a special video message.