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The National Science and Media Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday. Please book free museum admission or cinema tickets online in advance

To this day, Spartacus remains one of the most rousing action epics ever filmed, and we’re delighted to be screening it as our opening night film for the 25th anniversary of Widescreen Weekend.

In 73 BC, a Thracian slave leads a revolt against the decedent Roman Republic after being sold and trained for combat in the arena. Thousands of slaves across the Italian Peninsula join Spartacus and face the might of Rome to earn their freedom. Featuring a terrific performance from Kirk Douglas against a ruthless Laurence Olivier—alongside an unbelievable supporting cast—Spartacus is a fully fledged action hero epic supported by intelligent dialogue and pure spectacle in its sequences.

A magnificent widescreen feature shot in Super Technirama 70, which lends fantastic colour and an expansive quality, the film showcases the technology wonderfully in scenes featuring the Roman legion on the open battlefield. While the story of a gladiator slave revolting against the might of the Romans is now a very familiar tale, after more than half a century, this swords-and-sandals masterpiece from Stanley Kubrick still holds up against more recent epics in its colourful and brutal depiction of ancient Rome.

Opening Night Reception: Delegate pass holders are invited to join us for the Widescreen Weekend Opening Night drinks reception from 18.00.


This screening will be introduced by broadcaster and journalist Samira Ahmed.

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