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An old-fashioned comedy at heart—but Sean Baker’s buddy duo is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on film, shattering both traditional casting conventions and film-making techniques.

Causing a major stir when it hit festivals in 2015, Tangerine is the story of a prostitute and her best friend tearing through Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, searching for her cheating boyfriend/pimp so they can teach him and his new lover a lesson. The film was achieved on a very low budget, shot entirely on an iPhone 5. However, the audience is offered a surprisingly expansive digital canvas with lurid colourisation, inventive cinematography, and an overall cinematic quality.

The film is nothing short of mesmerising, and also represents a major leap for transgender people in film, but at its core, the comedy is hilarious and the story is sincere. The tale of friendship and solidarity between Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor) is enduringly charming—a fantastic American indie experience.


This screening will be introduced by Marcus Lee, film-maker and founder of Reel Street Productions. 

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