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John Carpenter’s 1982 cult classic—a masterpiece of suspense—follows a group of research scientists who must defend their Antarctic base camp from a shape-shifting alien threat.

A contender for the best remake ever? A bold claim, but an accolade that John Carpenter surely deserves, as this work of sci-fi horror has endured as a masterpiece of suspense, with the practical effects still praised to this day.

In this 1982 cult classic, a group of American research scientists are prey for an otherworldly beast that can assume the shape of its victims. The crew, led by a resourceful helicopter pilot (Kurt Russell) and the camp doctor (Richard Dysart), must determine who the alien has already infected and who’s still human before it picks them all off, one by one...

For the music, Ennio Morricone worked in close collaboration with Carpenter, who often scores his own films. Following instruction to ‘use less notes’, Il Maestro delivered a deep and tragic sense of hopelessness—perfect for the threat of global assimilation by an alien menace.


This screening will be introduced by Rose Butler, Programme and Audience Development Coordinator at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

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