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This is Cinerama (U)

Join us for this unique presentation exploring analogue vs. digital, where one act will be screened via our archive 3-strip Cinerama print and the other via a digital restoration.

As you watch the opening scenes of this American documentary, you may think you are seeing nothing special. This is Cinerama starts off in black and white, standard aspect ratio—but the picture soon expands into a wide vista of colour, taking your breath away. This is the film that changed the shape and sound of movies forever with the introduction of Cinerama.

Designed to introduce the new widescreen format to audiences, the film showcases exciting events and beautiful scenery from around the world. Included is a thrilling rollercoaster ride from the now-defunct Rockaways’ Playland in Queens; scenes from the opera Aida; an up-close view of the Niagara Falls; a ride down the canals of Venice; and an exciting bullfight. Featuring narration from newscaster Lowell Thomas and an Academy Award nominated score, this is something that fans of cinema history will not want to miss.

This is Cinerama is not only pure joy and escapism, but it also represents a moment in time when technical innovation in cinema reached a pinnacle. In this unique presentation, we will screen one act via our archive 3-strip Cinerama print and the other via a digital restoration.


This screening will be introduced by Kathryn Penny, Festival Director of Widescreen Weekend.

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