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One of the first films to make extensive use of CGI, this 1980s sci-fi adventure is a neon-drenched, videogame-inspired cult classic.

Not only was Tron an original science-fiction, action-adventure film, but it was also one of the earliest films to use extensive computer-generated imagery (CGI). Groundbreaking for its time, it inspired future film-makers and paved the way for new innovations in animation and special effects.

Inspired by videogames, especially Pong, director Steven Lisberger creates an exciting world that you want to dive into. When Kevin, a software programmer, is dragged into the virtual world of a mainframe computer, he is pitted against a malevolent software. With the help of Tron, a security programme, he must defeat the villain and attempt his escape. Essential 80s viewing—but also a chance to experience an incredibly imaginative film packed with stunning visuals.


This screening will be introduced by Annie Jamieson, Curator of Sound Technologies at the National Science and Media Museum.

Women in Widescreen

Composer spotlight: Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos is one of the most important composers living today. While primarily connected to the fields of electronic music, sound design, and alternate tunings, her compositions transcend these genres and her film scores are some of the most recognised. She helped popularise the use of synthesizers in the 1970s and went on to create notable scores for A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Tron.

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