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Light Days

Embark on a journey to discover the illuminating science of light in this day-long package. Your class will enjoy an incredible science show and a visit to Wonderlab; you also have the option to add an eye dissection demo or IMAX film to your visit.

Light It Up! is an illuminating science show in which you’ll find out how to take the perfect picture of the universe, uncover the hidden dangers of Egyptian tombs, and more—all through the power of light.

Students will then visit Wonderlab, where they can try out a thermal imaging camera, make water appear to flow backwards, and visit the UV Room to learn about the light we can’t see.

Add a demonstration

Ever wondered how the human eye works? With our eye dissection demo, students will get up close to this amazing organ—and learn how it relates to the workings of a simple camera.

PRICE: £40 per class

Add an IMAX film

Why not add an IMAX film to your visit? Spectacular 3D documentaries are available in our IMAX cinema—the region’s biggest screen—on Light Days.

PRICE: £5.50 per student, £2 per accompanying adult

Learning resources

Explore our learning resources for activity ideas.

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