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Science and Media Museum

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Key Stage 3 students can learn more about the science of space and the space industry, including careers.

This special event day is an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about science and careers within the space industry.

Students will meet some STEM Ambassadors and scientists working in the UK space industry, and will learn about Tim Peake’s historic journey to the International Space Station and his return in the Soyuz TMA-19M module. There will also be an opportunity to visit Wonderlab.

Add an IMAX film

Why not complement your class's visit to our Science of Space event with an IMAX 3D documentary? These 45-minute films bring the science of space to life with spectacular imagery. Space Station tells the story of how the ISS was constructed in space, while A Beautiful Planet explores humanity's impact on Earth with incredible footage shot by astronauts.

Time: 10:45: A Beautiful Planet; 12:00: Space Station

Price: £5 per student / £1.50 per teacher