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Yorkshire Games Festival learning packages

As part of Yorkshire Games Festival, these learning packages will help KS3 students discover the history of videogames, design and make their own game, and meet experts from the industry.

History of Videogames and the Mass Make

This package is aimed at KS3 students with an interest in games, though no experience in game-making is required. Students will see a live show and get involved in a mass participation workshop.

Impact Gamers Presents: A Brief History of Games and Codes

Computers show us magical worlds, full of colours and adventure—yet they can only think in 0 and 1s. This live show will take students on an interactive journey of history, creativity and technology, from the very first videogame in 1951 to the bestselling blockbusters of today.

The Mass Game Make

Alongside industry professionals, you’ll work as a large group to make a playable game level in just one hour. This is also a chance for students to meet and speak to someone starting out on a career in games.

Design and Make Games

This package for upper KS3 is aimed at students with a keen interest in making videogames. They may have some game-making experience already, though this is not essential. This package includes two 1-hour workshops.

BAFTA Young Game Designers Game Concept Workshop

Whether you love to code, draw or write the story, BAFTA YGD will provide valuable insight into the world of game-making, plus a chance to meet game developers from the UK games industry. This workshop will help students to develop and shape their initial game idea, and provide tips on how it can be developed further.

Make It!

Working with guests from the games industry, students will make their games using professional software.

Book your place

Yorkshire Games Festival learning packages are completely free, but booking is essential.

To book, email Please specify which package you’re interested in and let us know how many students you’d like to bring along.