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Science and Media Museum

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Show your students the science behind the games they play!

Following the success of the first Yorkshire Games Festival, our 2017 event will include a fantastic new offer for schools covering all the elements that make a great game, from coding to story and design.

Aimed at Key Stage 2, this event will take place across the National Science and Media Museum. Classes will move around the museum enjoying shows, talks and hands-on workshops, including:

Impact Gamers Presents: A Brief History of Games and Code

Coders use computers to show magical worlds, full of colours and adventure. At the same time, computers can only think in 0 and 1s. Join us on an interactive journey of history, creativity and technology, from the very first videogame in 1951 to the bestselling blockbusters of today.

Meet the Makers

Who makes games? What different jobs are involved in making a video game, and what skills do you need? Find out as you meet games developers who all do very different things.

Become a Game Designer in 15 Minutes

Anyone can be a game designer and anything can be a game! Stuart Lilford—award-winning game designer and educator in games—will take your students through the basic steps to design and make a game in just 15 minutes, using experimentation, teamwork and play testing.

No computer software is involved—you’ll be making physical games with everyday household objects, and by the end of the session you will have designed your first game!

Games Lounge

A fun, hands-on way for students to learn about the evolution of digital gaming and the history of animation within videogames. They’ll also be able to play some of the titles that helped to establish gaming as a worldwide phenomenon.

Book your place

Yorkshire Games Festival Schools’ Day is completely free, but booking is essential.

To book, email Please specify which key stage you’re interested in and let us know how many students you’ll be bringing along.