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National Science and Media Museum

Bussing Out revealed a hidden piece of local history—one that shaped the identity of ethnic minority children who came to Bradford in the sixties and seventies.

‘Bussing Out’ was a Department of Education and Science policy, active from 1965–1976. It advised local authorities to disperse ‘immigrant’ children from inner-city primary schools into outlying areas. Parents of bussed children had no choice in their children’s schools, and many children had to travel long distances to get an education.

This display was curated by Shabina Aslam as part of her doctoral research project. The display used material from the Daily Herald archive in our collection, providing valuable images of Britain in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as some of the people who shaped it.

The findings of Shabina’s research will also be made into a play and performed at Theatre in the Mill, part of the University of Bradford, in 2018. For further information on the project, visit the Bussing Out website.