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National Science and Media Museum

Doctor Who and Me

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This exhibition celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of Britain’s most popular television programmes and explored fans’ devotion to Doctor Who.


Doctor Who first appeared on our screens on 23 November 1963. Today, the show has millions of viewers and fans around the world, has sparked amazing creativity and unrivalled devotion, and has become ingrained in our popular culture.

This exhibition celebrated what it means to be a Doctor Who fan, fans’ collections and art, and the passion that Doctor Who has generated—and regenerated—over the past half century.

Meet the superfans

Colin Young

Location: West Lothian

Number of objects: ‘Haven’t a clue’

Number of years collecting: 39 years

Specialism: Collecting original props and artwork and rare merchandise, searching for lost Doctor Who episodes

David Howe

Location: North Wales

Number of objects: ‘Thousands and thousands’

Number of years collecting: 41 years

Specialism: Author of several books about Doctor Who and Doctor Who merchandise

David Knill

Location: West Yorkshire

Number of objects: ‘No idea’

Number of years collecting: 38 years

Specialism: Collecting merchandise, attending conventions

Tim Neal

Location: West Yorkshire

Number of objects: ‘More than I dare count’

Number of years collecting: 40 years

Specialism: Collecting and writing about Doctor Who Target novels