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Joanna Quinn is a British animator with a witty take on life. This exhibition brought together artwork, notebooks and films from the last 25 years to explore her methods and approaches.


This was the first-ever gallery retrospective of Joanna Quinn’s work, taking audiences on a journey from the artist’s early drawings and animations to some of her very latest. Along the way, the exhibition offered an insight into the creative and business processes involved in running a successful animation studio.

Quinn’s love for drawing and movement has been the driving force behind a beautifully distinctive body of animation, all hand-drawn on paper and cels. Some of the artist's best-known work includes her signature character, Welsh housewife Beryl; an Oscar-nominated and BAFTA and Emmy-winning film based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; and the Charmin Bears, whose adverts for toilet paper are recognised all over the globe.

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Joanna Quinn on: how she animates
Joanna Quinn on: drawing
Joanna Quinn on: commercial films
Joanna Quinn on: working with actors
Joanna Quinn on: recording sound for animation
Joanna Quinn on: evolving animation technology
Joanna Quinn on: Beryl
Joanna Quinn on: the latest Beryl film
Joanna Quinn and Les Mills talk about Beryl Productions
Joanna Quinn's summer 2009 video diary