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A special photographic competition opening up insights into faith, culture and personal journeys.

Extraordinary Drawers! was a unique photographic competition which used the hidden worlds inside our drawers to peek into the everyday lives of ordinary people. People were invited to share their hidden selves by taking a photograph of a drawer that says something about their life, culture and faith—without tidying it first! The exhibition included the 22 finalists’ photographs.

This is the latest project from Touchstone, a community centre in the heart of Bradford which has been working with our city’s diverse communities for 25 years.

Visitors were able to vote for their favourite drawer on the Extraordinary Drawers! blog. The winner was Saadia Mushtaq with her photograph 'Treasured Memories'. Julie Platt was runner-up with 'A Passion for Preparing Food'.

Main image: ‘A Piece of Britain and Iraq’, Sally Binymin