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Hark the Herald Angels

We celebrated the festive season with a display of Christmas images from one of our most important collections: the Daily Herald Archive.

At Christmas, newspapers traditionally feature lighter and more uplifting stories, often illustrated with fun photographs of Father Christmas hard at work, carols being sung, or children looking longingly into shop windows filled with toys. During wartime, these human-interest stories were an opportunity to raise public spirits and continue with Christmas traditions in challenging circumstances.

To give a real flavour of how the Daily Herald newspaper used these images, they were presented with the original captions, written at the time of publication.

About the Daily Herald Archive

The Daily Herald was a national British newspaper, published between 1911 and the 1960s. At its height, in the 1930s, the Daily Herald was the world’s best-selling daily newspaper. Its former picture library is now held here at the National Science and Media Museum.

The archive offers a fascinating photographic record of local, national and international events spanning 50 years. It is particularly rich in 1920s and 1930s photojournalism, covering such major events as the Spanish Civil War, the abdication crisis, the General Strike, and hunger and unemployment marches. Among the thousands of images in the archive are photographs of well-known personalities, alongside pictures of everyday people and their lives.

You can explore the archive at Collection Online, or see more selections on our blog. If you’d like to research in the Daily Herald Archive, please contact us at