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I Am Still Me

I Am Still Me is a collection of 18 portraits taken by Yorkshire-based photographer Helen Williams. The people in the photographs all have dementia—something you can’t tell by looking at them.

The individuals photographed came together through their shared love of singing, joining the Harrogate Dementia Forward Singing Group. The group gives them a sense of themselves, a feeling of belonging, and the knowledge that they are still ‘someone’.

Each photograph includes a written caption, penned by the sitter, describing who they are.

Dementia Awareness Week

This year’s Dementia Awareness Week took place between 21–27 May 2018.

Dementia is a set of symptoms where a person may suffer memory loss, find it difficult to think and problem solve, or struggle with language. Become a Dementia Friend and take a step towards knowing and understanding more about those with dementia.


This project has been supported by the charity Dementia Forward. We would like to thank Jill Quinn and Netty Newell from the charity, and give special thanks to the organisers, choir members and families of Dementia Forward’s singing group held at Christ Church, Harrogate.