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National Science and Media Museum

An exhibition that explored the past, present and future of immersive sensory technology.

From 19th-century stereoscopes to 3D movies and virtual reality, artists and scientists have sought to create ever-more immersive sensory experiences with photography, cinema and sound.

Immersion displayed objects from our collection, including one of the earliest Victorian stereoscopic cameras and the ‘People’s Stereoscope’, and explored the history of immersive cinema in Bradford through the stories of our IMAX and Cinerama theatres.

The exhibition also included film and equipment used in stereo recording experiments at EMI’s historic Central Research Laboratory and Abbey Road studios, plus historic and contemporary stereophotography, with objects loaned and donated by Dr Brian May.

The National Science and Media Museum wishes to thank the following for their support in developing Immersion:

The Blumlein Family
EMI Archive Trust
Dr Brian May