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Featuring some of the rarest images from pioneers of photography, this exhibition explored the influence of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary art.


About the exhibition

From the 1840s, scientists were using photography to record and measure phenomena which lay beyond human vision. The beauty of these early images, and the revolutionary techniques developed for scientific study, shaped the history of photography and heavily influenced modern and contemporary art photographers.

Revelations showcased some of the earliest photographic images by figures such as William Henry Fox Talbot and Eadweard Muybridge, alongside striking works by modern and contemporary artists including Harold Edgerton and Hiroshi Sugimoto.


Co-curator Dr Ben Burbridge guides you through the impact of early scientific photography on the work of scientists and modern artists through the twentieth century.

Contemporary photographer Ori Gersht talks about his Blow Up series and photography pioneers who inspired him.

Dr Ben Burbridge looks at how contemporary art photographers in the 21st century are creating bold and epic work inspired by the pioneering techniques of early scientific photographers.

Contemporary photographer Clare Strand talks about her work from The Betterman Room.

Colin Harding explains the challenging and scientific process of making a daguerreotype, one of the earliest photographic processes.

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Revelations: Experiments in Photography

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