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Alternate Realities

Step into another world with highlights of the Alternate Realities programme from the UK’s premier documentary festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Alternate Realities encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and immersive installations.

Over 10 days we will play host to three free exhibits exploring ideas around home, identity and technology. Investigate new and innovative ways of storytelling as you become immersed in another life, discover how a machine sees you, and engage in an intimate interaction with the other side of the world.


Through virtual interactions with individuals who have had to flee their homeland, this interactive installation invites you to think about which personal belonging you couldn’t live without.

Is Anna OK?

A two-person VR exploration of the intertwined story of twin sisters whose lives are changed overnight. Take on the viewpoint of Anna, who is injured in an accident, or that of her sister, who witnesses the accident and goes on to care for Anna.

Free tickets for Is Anna OK? will be available to book soon.

Sensible Data/Mixed Emotions

Discover how a machine sees you—data from a photograph will inform the machine to sketch your image and guess your age and mood. Explore the emotional response to this data, and whether this re-informs how you see yourself.

Supported by

Arts Council England