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Boom: Experiments in Sound

Experience the sensation of sound and learn how it shapes our everyday lives. Stop, listen, experiment and play as you follow the journey of a soundwave.

Sound is all around us, every day. Even when you think it’s quiet, it’s not completely silent.

Experience the sensation of sound as we uncover how it shapes our everyday lives. Follow the life of a soundwave through the gallery, from creation to being heard. Along the way, there’ll be lots of opportunities for you to stop and listen, then manipulate and play with sound.

Walk through an insulated sound canal, experiment with tiptoeing or stomping, and hear the sound of your own footsteps in a forest. Then experience an amazing audiovisual show from our Explainers!


Important information

  • Some of the interactive elements of the exhibition require headphones. These are provided in the gallery, but if you prefer to bring your own, there also 3.5mm headphone sockets for you to plug in to.
  • Anyone who has sensory processing issues may need to enter the crescendo space (located at the back of the gallery) with care.

Boom: Experiments in Sound is part of our Sound Season. Don’t miss Sonic: Adventures in Audio in Gallery 2, where you can discover the world of sound with exciting new installations and interactive works.

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