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National Science and Media Museum

This exciting outdoor laboratory is packed with things to see, do and try. Have a go at controlling a Mars rover, experience augmented reality, learn about drones—and much more!

Mars Rovers

Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a rover across the surface of Mars? Here’s your chance! Experience real-life robotics and try your hand at controlling a replica Mars rover.

Interstellar Snowflakes

Follow the journey of particles floating in space as they become ‘interstellar snowflakes’. Learn how scientists see molecules in space, how comets are created, and how the ingredients for life were delivered to Earth.

Drone workshop

Drones are becoming increasingly mainstream and are now used in many industries. Meet Yorkshire-based drone specialists Sky Captain and learn about the different applications of drone technology.

Augmented Reality

Discover Augmented Reality (AR) tech that will bring space to life. You’ll also have the chance to make and take home your very own AR bookmark!

Physics in the City

Want to try recharging your phone from the Sun? The Institute of Physics will have lots of experiments and demos for you to try, including some you can do at home.

Object handling

Get hands-on with objects from the National Science and Media Museum’s collection. Find out how we care for them, why you can’t normally handle museum objects... and how we keep the creepy-crawlies away!

Born in Bradford

Born in Bradford is one of the largest family studies in the world. Learn about their incredible research, and try out activities that will improve your scientific knowledge about health and wellbeing.

Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge

Lift off your reading this summer! Find out about—and get involved with—this space-themed reading challenge for 4–11-year-olds.

50 Things to Do Before You’re Five

The 50 Things to Do Before You’re Five app offers a range of low-cost (or free) activities that families can try at home. Meet the team and try some of the fantastic activities.


  • Bouncing Astronauts Accompanied by their very own soundtrack, this incredible act will have everyone moonwalking! Look (and listen) out for the amazing bouncing astronauts around the festival.
  • Cyber Legion Meet members of this Doctor Who fan group, who’ll be appearing in costume as some of your favourite characters!
  • Element Trail Follow the trail around Bradford Science Festival and search for answers based on the periodic table.
  • STEM on the Screen Head to the big screen in City Park to see short films that showcase the best in STEM from the internet.