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National Science and Media Museum

Real-life rocket science! See a 12m-tall rocket here in Bradford, then get hands-on and design your own.

This is your chance to get up close and personal with the UK’s first people-carrying rocket ship. Take in the awesome sight of the Starchaser Industries rocket Nova 2, then join the Rocket Factory workshop and create a mini version to take home.

About Starchaser Industries and Nova 2

Starchaser Industries is a UK-based rocket building company working towards the aim of offering space tourism.

At Bradford Science Festival, Starchaser will be displaying Nova 2, a 12-metre/39-foot rocket with room for one passenger.

In 2017, Starchaser worked with the University of Chester to launch Skybolt 2, an 8.3-metre/27-foot research rocket, from a mobile launch platform in Northumberland. The launch was another step towards creating a craft capable of carrying passengers into space.

Skybolt 2 in flight
Skybolt 2 in flight

Skychaser plan to launch Nova 2 next. Following this, the intention is to build a reusable three-person rocket ship called Thunderstar, which will ultimately be used for space tourism.

The launch of Skybolt 2 put Britain back on the map of space-faring nations. Prior to Starchaser’s launches, the last British spaceflight was in 1971, when a Black Arrow rocket carried the Prospero satellite into orbit.


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