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National Science and Media Museum

This zone is devoted to all things space. Explore our galaxy through an amazing planetarium, VR, rockets and more.


When: Six shows per hour between 11.00–16.40

Enter the planetarium and discover the story of space exploration past, present and future in a stunning, fully immersive experience. Walk across the surface of the Moon, witness the Curiosity Rover land on Mars, and travel to the ice moon Europa in search of extraterrestrial life.

This event is free, but a ticket is required and booking in advance is recommended. Tickets will be available online until 19 July.

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Virtual Reality in Space

Journey to the International Space Station in a thrilling VR experience.

Stomp Rockets

Can you engineer a space rocket? Place different types of fins on a rocket and see how they change the direction it launches in.

Biggest Eye on the Sky

Find out how astronomers and engineers are building the world’s biggest telescope—and what they plan to do with it! Experiment with lasers, lenses and mirrors to see how the giant telescope will work.


  • Bouncing Astronauts Accompanied by their very own soundtrack, this incredible act will have everyone moonwalking! Look (and listen) out for the amazing bouncing astronauts around the festival.
  • Cyber Legion Meet members of this Doctor Who fan group, who’ll be appearing in costume as some of your favourite characters!
  • Element Trail Follow the trail around Bradford Science Festival and search for answers based on the periodic table.