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Looking after the water cycle and local rivers is an important part of taking care of the environment. Find out about some local projects and how you can help.

What causes flooding?

Bradford’s rivers, including Bradford Beck and the River Aire, sometimes flood and damage homes. Why does this happen and how does it affect people’s lives? What can be done to help reduce flooding?

The water cycle

Without the water cycle there would be no life on earth. Water is an amazing chemical that can change from one state to another and back again an infinite number of times! Find out how it works in this video.

The evil twin of climate change

What is ocean acidification and how does it affect climate change?

Aire Rivers Trust on site at Newlay Fish Pass

Meet some of the team working on Newlay fish pass, which will enable salmon to swim up the River Aire to Malham.


The Environment Agency and the Aire Rivers Trust are returning Atlantic salmon to the River Aire by building a fish pass at Saltaire. Engineers are creating a flow of slow water to allow fish to swim over the weir that blocks their way. Find out about the work they are doing.

Watch the video on YouTube

Activity sheets

Activity sheet thumbnails

Swimming salmon game

Can you help the salmon swim upriver from Airmyn near Goole to Malham, avoiding all the pollution and predators?

Download Swimming Salmon Game activity sheet (PDF)

Bridges over the river

The first bridge on the River Aire was built in 1313. Have a look at how bridges are built, then build your own at home.

Download Bridges Over the River activity sheet (PDF)

Fun things to do by the river

If you’re heading out on a walk by a river, why not have a look at these activities to do while you’re out?

Download Fun Things to Do By the River activity sheet (PDF)

Make your own river minibeast

There are many different types of minibeasts living in our rivers. Find out how they adapt to their environment, then make or draw your own.

Download Make Your Own River Minibeast activity sheet (PDF)

These experiments and activities have been designed to be done at home and use materials and equipment that are easily available. Please be aware that adult supervision or direction is recommended as appropriate. All activities are carried out at your own risk.

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