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Bradford Science Festival online events

Special shows and talks took place online throughout the festival. Catch up on all the presentations and live chats here.

The anatomy of a Covid-19 patient

Presentation and live chat with Dr Pip Garner 

Unlike other coronavirus diseases, Covid-19 is not just a problem for our lungs. Increasing evidence shows how it affects multiple organs including the brain, heart and kidneys, creating more challenges for the medical field—some of which may persist for years to come.

Please note: This video talks about anatomy in detail and features images of inside the human body. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Chemistry of Covid-19

Presentation and live chat with Dr Philip Drake

Dr Philip Drake, a lecturer in chemistry at the University of Bradford, talks about viruses, what they are, how they work and the chemistry of Covid-19 testing.

Black Panther: Diversity in cinema, arts and engineering

Recorded panel discussion

Join our panel from the arts and science industries as they discuss the impact of Black Panther on diversity. The discussion is chaired by Sharon Watson, CEO and Principal of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and features Felicia Williams, engineer at Twitter; Titi Oliyide, engineer at Siemens; and Tara Plummer, Senior IT Manager at PPG. 

Terrible Termites and Lousy Locusts

Presentation and live chat with Dr Sofia Hirscher

Did you know there are insects that cause millions of pounds worth of damage to crops? And insects that are silent destroyers, causing entire buildings to collapse? This talk, aimed at 11–16-year-olds, is all about the world’s worst environmental pests. You’ll hear about the destruction and havoc they can cause as well as the ways scientists have come up with to control them.

50 Million Tonnes

Science show and live chat with Steve Summers

Last year, 50 million tonnes of electronic waste were produced. Will this used technology destroy our planet, or could it give us the solutions we need? In this show you’ll learn how this e-waste can be hacked and used for our own inventions. You might even figure out what to do with that drawer full of dead tech at home!

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