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Café Scientifique

Join us for an online discussion event—everyone’s welcome to help us explore the latest ideas in science and technology.

Next event

The next event will take place on Thursday 10 December from 18.30. This discussion will be hosted on Zoom. Book your free place and we’ll email you a link on the day of the event.

Building Community Resilience Through Heritage

Adrian Evans and Karina Croucher

Adrian Evans and Karina Croucher, from the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences at the University of Bradford, will talk about their work with communities and how conversations about heritage can support resilience.

Karina will talk about death and dying, and how engaging with historical objects that portray death can help us talk about difficult subjects. Adrian has used photographs of historical sites to construct immersive realities for displaced people, and will show how these tools can prompt conversations that can help people deal with their difficult circumstances.

What you need to know

  • This event will take place online via Zoom
  • It’s free to join, but booking is required
  • After booking, you’ll be sent a link at 16.30 on the day of the event. If you don’t receive this, please contact
  • The stream will be live from 18.20 so you can test your sound
  • The talk will be recorded and will be available online after the event
  • Donations are welcome! You can donate online 
  • Café Scientifique is suitable for all ages and abilities, but some events may have adult themes or content

Future events

What is Café Scientifique?

Café Scientifique is a friendly and collaborative exploration of the latest breakthroughs in science. You’ll hear about, discuss and debate some of the most recent advances and discoveries in science and healthcare, and their importance to society.

Each event has a theme—they’ve included everything from the latest in physics to the science of music, from nanotechnology to biology.

Café Scientifique is a great way to meet new people and exercise your mind. Discuss the discoveries you’ve seen in the headlines, or learn something completely new.

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