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Can’t commit to a whole weekend of widescreen movies? Join us for Celluloid Saturday and experience the heart and soul of the Widescreen Weekend festival. 

For this year’s Widescreen Weekend, we’re dedicating our whole Saturday programme to photochemical film, with screenings in 35mm, 70mm, and 3-strip Cinerama. If you can’t make the whole weekend, a Celluloid Saturday pass is the perfect way to see what the festival is all about.

You can take in everything from genre classics like Apocalypse Now Redux and Suspiria to exuberant musical Jailhouse Rock, and watch BAFTA-winning costume designer Jane Petrie in conversation before a screening of her favourite project, Duncan Jones' Moon. There’s also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience an authentic Cinerama screening.

Still from Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now Redux

Prices and booking

Passes for Celluloid Saturday have now sold out. However, you can buy separate tickets for individual films screening as part of Widescreen Weekend. Buy tickets online—you can also book over the phone (call +44 (0) 871 902 5747) or in person at the National Science and Media Museum box office.

Still from Moon

What’s on

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (U)

09.30, Pictureville Cinema

Experience the grandeur, majesty and pure fantasy of the Brothers Grimm’s famous tales. Shot with the Cinerama camera, this—the world’s only surviving 3-panel print—is a film you must see on Pictureville’s Cinerama screen.

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Apocalypse Now Redux (15)

13.00, Cubby Broccoli Cinema

Apocalypse Now is a legendary modern classic; Redux is an extended cut of the original film, featuring 49 minutes of additional scenes. See it in all its glory in this screening of a 35mm print.

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Jailhouse Rock (U)

13.30, Pictureville Cinema

Shot in beautiful black and white CinemaScope, Jailhouse Rock is Elvis Presley’s most famous film. Celebrate its 60th anniversary and witness the famous dance sequence, often cited as Presley’s greatest moment on screen. 

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The Untouchables (15)

17.00, Pictureville Cinema

Brian De Palma’s gangster blockbuster celebrates its 30th anniversary with this very special screening of a rare 70mm print. The all-star cast includes Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro and Andy Garcia.

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Jane Petrie in conversation + Moon (15)

19.30, Pictureville Cinema

Award-winning costume designer Jane Petrie will discuss her career, inspirations and favourite project: Duncan Jones' stylish sci-fi debut Moon. A screening of Moon will follow the event.

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Suspiria (18)

21.00, Cubby Broccoli Cinema

Dario Argento’s atmospheric masterpiece continues to influence films and filmmakers across the horror genre. Experience a 40th anniversary screening of this cult classic—it’s as terrifying today as it was in 1977.

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Still from Suspiria

What is Widescreen Weekend?

Widescreen Weekend is a unique festival of large-screen formats and cinema technologies. Celebrating the past, present and future of film, this long weekend is packed with big cinema experiences, including glorious 70mm screenings and new Cinerama restorations—plus plenty of great guests.

Our Pictureville Cinema is the only public venue in Europe with the ability to screen 3-strip Cinerama, a widescreen process that requires three synchronised 35mm projectors and a deeply curved screen. Widescreen Weekend is your only opportunity to see Cinerama films on the big screen—don't miss out!

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Still from The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm