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National Science and Media Museum

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2018 is the Year of Engineering. To celebrate, we’ve filled this year’s festival with fun and creative ways to bring the wonder of engineering to life—from a record-breaking car to remarkable drones.


BLOODHOUND SSC is a supersonic car—designed to travel faster than the speed of sound. Come and visit the BLOODHOUND Education Car to find out more about this amazing invention and its planned 1,000mph world land speed record attempt.


MANTRA—the Manufacturing Transporter—is a specially customised HGV trailer packed with the latest machinery and simulators. Climb on board and get a taste of what it might be like to work with cutting-edge manufacturing, modelling and assembly line technology.

Great British Engineering Showcase

  • Sky Captain How can drones help us build a better future? See a display of drones and find out about some of the surprising ways they’re being used.
  • Festival Finale Drone Demo At 16.30 Sky Captain will be using one of their larger drones to record the audience around City Park’s Mirror Pool for the spectacular festival finale!
  • Marvellous Materials Explore the amazing materials that shape our world. Discover materials for body parts, jet engines and sports equipment, and see if you can match them to their natural resources.
  • Construction Challenge! Help build a giant, 4-metre-high tetrahedron... using just wooden dowels and elastic bands!
  • Future Bradford What would your ‘Future Bradford’ look like? Let your imagination run wild as you help us construct a large model city.