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National Science and Media Museum

Join us for a mesmerising journey through the incredible sights and sounds of space.

Look up and fuel your curiosity. Imagine remote galaxies and wonder who—or what—is out there. Hello Universe will take you on a voyage, from the earliest paintings of planets to today’s super-high definition photographs of deepest space.

Get up close to a meteorite, come face-to-face with a Mars lander, then build your own probe, rover or rocket from LEGO. Discover what space actually sounds like, and listen to intergalactic messages... or create your own!

This is rocket science. You’ll hear real stories of technology reaching millions of miles beyond our planet, meet the people who make it happen, and find out how you could be part of the next great space discovery. See Hello Universe and share the adventure!

Free family activities

Date: 22 July – 1 September 2019

This summer, we’re blasting off on a mission to explore space with fantastic free shows and activities. In the galleries and across the museum, we’ll be bringing Hello Universe to life—get involved!

Children taking part in a family activity at the National Science and Media Museum

LEGO Challenge

Where: Gallery 1, Level 1
When: 10.00–16.00

Can you design the best machine to explore space? Find out what makes a great rover, probe or satellite, then work together to build it with LEGO. We’ll display the best creations throughout the summer!

Intergalactic Adventure Talks

Dark Moon

Where: Gallery 1, Level 1
When: 10.30, 13.15, 15.30

Who’s Out There?

Where: Gallery 2, Level 2
When: 11.00, 13.45, 16.00

What does space smell, sound and feel like? Find out the answers and discover some of the most amazing objects in Hello Universe with a 15-minute introduction to the exhibition.

Visitors watching a family show at the National Science and Media Museum

Hello Universe Family Show

Where: Wonderlab Studio, Level 3
When: 12.30, 14.00

Fuel your curiosity and delve deeper into the science of space. With telescopes, rockets, explosions and endless possibilities, this show is action-packed.

Event information for Hello Universe family show

Our Moon

Where: Wonderlab, Level 3
When: 10.45, 11.45, 15.00

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wanted to get closer? Here’s your chance! Explore the surface of the Moon in incredible detail on Wonderlab’s super-size sphere screen.

Space Heroes Family Trail

Where: Galleries 1 and 2
When: 10.00–18.00

Pick up a leaflet as you enter Hello Universe and follow the trail to discover real-life space heroes and their spectacular stories.