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Science and Media Museum

IMAX 3D: Walking with Dinosaurs​

Travel alongside dinosaurs as they face the challenges of a changing world.

In this journey through the seasons, you'll experience a year in the life of hundreds of plant-eating dinosaurs. From the moment they hatch, these prehistoric giants face natural disasters and ferocious predators while hunting, feeding, playing, and undertaking epic migrations.

Based on scientific data, these digital dinosaurs come to life against the backdrop of modern Alaska. The dinosaur bodies and movements are based on fossil evidence and their behaviour is derived from both palaeontology and detailed studies of modern animals.

Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch. Certificate U.


Dates and times this film is available:
Thursday 22 June 2017 10.45
Friday 30 June 2017 10.45
Monday 03 July 2017 12.00
Thursday 06 July 2017 10.45
Monday 10 July 2017 10.45
Thursday 13 July 2017 12.00
Tuesday 18 July 2017 12.00
Friday 21 July 2017 10.45
Tuesday 25 July 2017 12.00