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National Science and Media Museum

How did our lives change when the internet was born? Find out in the world’s first gallery dedicated to the social, technological and cultural impact of the web.

Follow the history of the internet around Life Online. From the very first online communities to the latest ideas, uncover how it has transformed our lives and society.

In the Beginning: The internet is born

Who were the key innovators who developed the first computer networks? Find out who invented the internet and watch as it grows around the world.

Into the World: The internet goes public

Explore the early days of social networking—from the first email to the first home-grown virtual societies. Build your own web page, take a trip in our online time machine and try to protect the internet against some of the world’s deadliest viruses.

Into Our Lives: The internet and you

Explore search engines, online businesses, and the online communities that create the dynamic culture of the modern internet. See if you’ve got what it takes to become a dotcom millionaire, secure your online privacy, and contribute your opinion to the gallery.

Into the Future: The internet evolves

What does the future hold? New concepts, experiments and prototypes are constantly being developed—contribute to digital artworks and see the latest experimental ideas.


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Learning in Life Online

Explore the history of communication and the growth of the internet, and understand how this incredible invention has changed our lives.

No invention has had a greater impact on modern life than the internet. In Life Online, students can find out all about its past, present and future: who invented the internet, how viruses work, the secrets of online privacy and net neutrality, and what the latest experimental ideas might look like.

Interactive exhibits allow students to build their own webpages, see what the web used to look like, try their hand at online business, and contribute to digital artworks.