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My Museum and Me

To create this display, members of the Why Don’t We team picked their favourite things from our collection and found out more about them.

The National Science and Media Museum is for everyone, and the aim of this project is to show that everybody is welcome. The Why Don’t We team visited the museum’s collection stores and each chose an item that they liked, photographed it, found out more about it and talked to a curator. What you see here is the result of their work and includes some items you will not see on display in the museum.

Over to the Why Don’t We team...

“Why Don’t We is a team which uses photography and video-making to show and tell stories that enable our voices to be heard.

“We went to a secret place where all the old photos, cameras, TVs and other equipment are kept. We had to wear gloves and be very careful, but we were able to handle our chosen objects. It was totally awesome.

“We hope that you will like our photographs and you will see a different side to the museum. We have made videos of us talking to the curators. Scroll down to watch them.”

Image gallery

For more information about the Why Don’t We group, please visit the Why Don’t We website.

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