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Operation Ouch! Heart Dissection

Ever wanted to know how the heart works? Find out with this live dissection.

See real science in action—our expert will dissect a sheep’s heart live on stage, with a big-screen viewer for clarity. If you’re up for it then you won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to see the workings of the heart.

Important information

This is a free event, but a ticket is required.

This event involves the dissection of a sheep’s heart and the use of a large-scale screen to show the dissection. Due to its content, the event is suitable for ages 7+. If you wish to bring under-7s to the event, you do so at your own discretion.

Anyone wishing to leave the room before or during the dissection will be able to do so, but please do not leave children unaccompanied. You will not be able to touch or handle any part of the heart.

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