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Sound Season

Sound Season is a series of exhibitions and events, at the museum and online, exploring how sound fills our world, how it’s created, and how we can experiment and play with it.

Sound is all around us. It fills our world and has movement, shape and energy. It can bring us joy and help us better understand each other—all without ever being seen...

Throughout Sound Season, there’ll be exhibitions, events and activities to enjoy at the museum, on this website and across our social media channels. Join us to explore how sound is created, how it moves, how we hear it and how we can play with it.

Boom: Experiments in Sound

In this amazing interactive exhibition, the science of sound will come alive. How are sound waves made? How do they move? Learn how sound helps us to understand our world, then experiment and play with sound yourself!

Sonic: Adventures in Audio

Delve into the world of electronic sound with exciting new installations and interactive sound works from artists, scientists and makers.

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