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The stars are closer than you might think... See incredible photographs of space, all taken here in West Yorkshire.

The West Yorkshire Astronomical Society has been gazing up at the universe since June 1973. The images in this display are all taken by members of the society, from beginners to experts—either in their back gardens or at the society’s observatory in Pontefract. You can see that the stars are not as hard to reach as you might have thought!

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The West Yorkshire Astronomical Society

Over the last 45 years, the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society has been upgrading its equipment and resources, including a purpose-built observatory constructed by members and opened in September 1983 by Sir Patrick Moore. This structure has a large motorised dome housing a 14” Celestron HD Edge Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope. This provides incredible insight into what lies beyond our planet.

The society’s members are passionate about helping others to experience the wonders of astronomy—to find out more, visit the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society website.