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National Science and Media Museum

Barabbas (PG)

With exceptional cinematography and a remarkable central performance, this underrated classic tells the unconventional story of a Biblical villain.

Barabbas is the story of the eponymous character, a murderer and thief who was set free by Pontius Pilate in Jesus’ place. His narrative is defined by his suffering and a search for spirituality. Anthony Quinn’s central performance, depicting Barabbas as a morally questionable citizen who is almost haunted by life, truly sets this drama apart from its peers.

This underrated classic tells an unconventional story of Christianity, framed through many of the popular features of the sword-and-sandal epic. Focusing on a character traditionally regarded as a Biblical villain makes for a challenging and engaging narrative. Barabbas has also been praised for its exceptional cinematography and often brutal portrayal of the response to Christianity within the early Roman Empire.


This screening will be introduced by film producer, restorer and historian Patrick Stanbury.