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National Science and Media Museum

Blade (18)

Featuring a half-mortal, half-vampire superhero, Blade arguably kick-started a revolution in comic book movies.

With its grungy 90s vibe, techno soundtrack and realistically seedy vampire underworld, Stephen Norrington’s Blade is often overlooked in conversations about superhero movies. The title character, largely unknown before Wesley Snipes took the role, was a stark contrast to the capes, cowls and tights which had become a staple for on-screen superheroes.

In many ways, Blade started a revolution: it was Marvel’s first commercial success, paving the way for heroes that could be complex and grounded in a world that closely resembles our own.

This film is screening as part of our Blade vs. Black Panther double bill.


This screening will be introduced by writer and journalist Chella Ramanan.

Chella is a narrative designer across indie and AAA games, and is the co-founder of games diversity organisation POC in Play. Formerly, she was an award-nominated games journalist. She is also co-host of geek culture podcast Argue the Toss.