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National Science and Media Museum

Gladiator (15)

Ridley Scott’s epic is a bold, stylish take on the Roman Empire, and could be considered the modern response to Ben-Hur.

Ridley Scott offers a stylish and bold look at the height of the Roman Empire through the story of a man robbed of his name and dignity by the very institution he once belonged to. Russell Crowe gives a tempered but impressive performance as the hero Maximus, a character more akin to something from the pages of Marvel than the annals of history—which is perfect for this wonderfully satisfying revenge epic.

Gladiator could be considered the modern response to Ben-Hur, and saw many similar successes. As emotionally engaging as it is visually thrilling, this millennial genre revival touches on many of the same elements which roused audiences in 1959, using brilliant visual effects to enhance the scale and magnificence of the ancient world.

This film is screening as part of Celluloid Saturday.


This screening will be introduced by The Celluloid Sorceress, Rebecca Nicole Williams.