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IMAX 3D: Black Panther (12A)

Black Panther made history as the first superhero movie to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Experience it in spectacular IMAX 3D.

T’Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced African nation of Wakanda, returns home to take his rightful place as king. He soon finds he must wield the ancient power of the Black Panther against a new foe to secure the safety of his people.

Celebrated for its complex characters, bold soundtrack and breathtaking Afrofuturist design, Black Panther brought a Civil Rights-era superhero to the big screen and made him respectable, imaginative and powerful. This groundbreaking blockbuster proved to be one of the major cultural events of 2018, resulting in multiple Academy Awards, including a nomination for Best Picture.

This film is screening as part of our Blade vs. Black Panther double bill and as part of Women in Widescreen.


This screening will be introduced by writer and journalist Chella Ramanan.

Chella is a narrative designer across indie and AAA games, and is the co-founder of games diversity organisation POC in Play. Formerly, she was an award-nominated games journalist. She is also co-host of geek culture podcast Argue the Toss.