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National Science and Media Museum

A League of Their Own (PG)

A charming, nostalgic comedy packed with teamwork, triumph and female empowerment.

Based on the true story of the short-lived All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League in 1943, A League of Their Own pitches a lighthearted comedy with a fantastic ensemble cast. Talented sisters Dottie (Geena Davis) and Kit (Lori Petty) are discovered as a part of a new initiative to start a league of women players that can step up to the plate and uphold America’s favourite pastime during the Second World War.

The film delivers the classic sports movie experience of teamwork and triumph, with the added charm of spirited women trying to prove themselves as equals. Just remember, ‘there’s no crying in baseball’!

This film is screening as part of Women in Widescreen.


This screening will be introduced by Melanie Iredale, Interim Director of Sheffield Doc/Fest, and Annabel Grundy, Major Programmes Manager for the BFI’s Film Audience Network.