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National Science and Media Museum

Cinerama’s South Seas Adventure (U)

Experience a unique ‘analogue vs. digital’ screening of this classic Cinerama travelogue.

Taking audiences of the 1950s to the other side of the world, the fifth of the classic Cinerama travelogues uses elements of fiction to fully immerse the viewer in the beauty of the South Seas.

As the original description for the film put it: ‘Cinerama takes you on a South Seas Adventure to tropical islands set like sparkling jewels in dreamy cerulean waters... an irresistible blend of fascinating people and exotic places.’

In this unique presentation, we’ll be exploring the merits of analogue versus digital. Act 1 will be screened from our archive 3-strip Cinerama print, while Act 2 will be a digital restoration.


This screening will be introduced by Dave Strohmaier.