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National Science and Media Museum

West Side Story (PG)

Robert Wise’s Oscar-winning masterpiece is an all-singing, all-dancing adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Nominated for an incredible 11 Academy Awards (and winning 10), Robert Wise’s masterpiece infuses the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with contemporary racial tension, 1950s New York gang culture, and lots of dancing. And oh, the dancing! Created by respected choreographer Jerome Robbins, the dance scenes are not only electric but packed full of emotion, helping elevate the story to a new level.

Making great use of Wise’s command of colour and unique framing, West Side Story remains one of the most powerful adaptations of all time.

This film is screening as part of Women in Widescreen and as part of our Robert Wise retrospective.


This screening will be introduced by Dr. Lisa Shaw, Professor of Brazilian Studies at the University of Liverpool.