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Science and Media Museum

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Step into a world of wonder, where what you see and hear is only the beginning…

Think like a scientist, feed your curiosity and have a go. Touch, try and photograph your experience as you navigate your way through more than 20 mind-bending exhibits. Hear your voice echo through a 15m-long tube, get lost in mirrors, make art using light, and travel through a laser tunnel.

Live experiments and extraordinary experiences will take you on a journey, changing how you see the world around you. Have fun finding the answers as you explore light and sound and discover how they're the building blocks of the technology and media that surround us every day.

See more, hear more, think more, do more. Immerse yourself in Wonderlab—an experience like no other.

Spectacular live shows

Get involved and be part of the action at our free live shows. They’re exciting and interactive—you might learn how to set fire to sound, photograph the universe, create a thunderstorm indoors, or explore an Egyptian tomb.

The current show is Exploring Space.


Entry to Wonderlab is free, but we recommend booking in advance. Book your free tickets online and guarantee a time slot to explore Wonderlab.

Your Wonderlab ticket also gives you access to any of our free live shows. Places are limited, though, so make sure you're in the gallery before the show begins.


Learning in Wonderlab

With a visit to Wonderlab, your students can get hands-on with the science of light and sound.

Wonderlab is all about experimenting with science. Students can investigate how light and sound work through an amazing range of fun, interactive exhibits. Exciting live science shows will take them on a journey of discovery. 

By experimenting, playing and exploring, students can understand how light and sound are the building blocks of the technology they use every day. Explore the exhibits in Wonderlab and find out more about our shows below.

Learning resources

Explore the exhibits

Download our guides to find out more about each of the exhibits in Wonderlab. The guides contain extra information, discussion topics and facts to help you get even more out of your visit.

Exhibit information packs