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The Guardian Gaming Quiz Night

Kickstart your weekend with a night of videogame trivia hosted by The Guardian’s Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber.

Do you know your Goombas from your Geodudes? Do you recognise the sound Pac-Man makes when the ghosts get him? Could you draw Sonic the Hedgehog in a Street Fighter outfit?

Gather a team of four heroes and join Guardian games journalists Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber for a night of videogame trivia, with questions and tasks spanning the whole history of games. Don’t worry if your gaming knowledge isn’t up to par—creative missions will also provide big bonus points, ensuring that in this quiz, like Super Mario Kart, it’s not over until the finishing line is crossed...


The Brick Box Rooms is at 21–25 Ivegate in Bradford city centre, a 6-minute walk from the museum.