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Melissa Phillips: Things I’ve Learned (So Far) About Running a Games Studio

Silver Rain Games’ Head of Studio will discuss the challenges of setting up in 2020.

Silver Rain Games formed at the start of 2020 and could not have predicted the year ahead. In its first year, the new studio has experienced setting up a team during a global pandemic, a Black Lives Matter movement and second prominent #MeToo movement in the games industry, all which have directly shaped the way in which the studio has grown.

Head of Studio Melissa Phillips will speak candidly on this first year and share the highs, lows and hard learnings that running a studio in 2020 has taught her.

“We (myself and Creative Director Abubakar Salim) knew we had the chance to create something new, but we never imagined the responsibility and opportunity for change this would bring about in our industry. There are things we just did because they felt ‘right’ and as a result we get to build the studio in a way that I hope will allow the next generation of game directors to move forwards. We also failed a lot and made a tonne of mistakes, which I hope telling you about might save some of you a heartache too!”